Our school and our people


Our school and our people

What we stand for

A united disapora

Ending racial inequality

A decolonized curriculum

Better civic engagement

Socioeconomic inclusion

Pride in African culture

Who we Are

We are an independent school that brings together world leading intellectuals and scholars to empower a new generation of leaders to address the challenge of African union and development.

Our focus is on developing the human and intellectual capital to build a better world for Africa and Africans.


Our vision is to see a united African diaspora as part of a unified, free and prosperous continent.


Our mission is to produce the leaders and ideas that drive the transformation of Africa and Africans.

Meet the Team

Nigel Stewart


Stella Lucien

Finance & Operations

Clare Smyth

Course Coordinator

Oiza Makun Bernice

Social Media Manager

Charity Agasaro

Voluntary Researcher

Chidimma Mezi

Course Curator

Marc Watum

Course Coordinator