Role of Black Psychotherapy in Treating PTSS

Founder & Director of the Black, African & Asian Therapy Network Eugene Ellis talks about his experience of racism and whether Africans should be entitled to free psychotherapy on the NHS.

Eugene Ellis
Founder and Director of BAATN
Eugene is the founder and director of a website called The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network (BAATN). The Black African and Asian Therapy Network is a hub of ethnic minority therapists that addresses the inequality of access to appropriate psychological services for Black, African, Asian and Caribbean people. His organisation aims to encourage more ethnic minorities to proactively engage in their psychological lives and inspire other ethnic minorities into the therapy profession. Eugene is a trained Integrative arts psychotherapist that has worked for many years with severely traumatised children and families in the field of adoption and fostering. Eugene came into therapy as part of his emancipation from internal oppression as a consequence of some personal experiences and as a result of living in a racialised world.