Why Caribbeans struggle to identify as African

Structures that assist inhabitants’ to deny their African identity.

By Nigel Stewert

15th June 2016



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This paper examines the notions of ethnic or national identity as a fixed concept. In view of Benedict Anderson’s seminal piece “Imagined Communities,” do Afro-Caribbean’s and African-Americans who form an image of their “communion” apart from Africa and African culture fall into hegemonic ideas of “Carribbeing” and a prescribed “Black” way of life. We worringly seldom remember that our theories on national identity can be more about who you are not, as opposed to who you are.

About Author

Nigel is a passionate social entrepreneur, pan africanist and teacher. He is Founder & CEO of The Centre, a growing community of scholars and intellects who collaborate to produce educational content for the African Diaspora.