Minority Oppression from the Welfare State?

Analysing Labour and Conservative manifesto pledges on welfare

By Ross Davis

5th June 2017



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Welfare is a topic of particular relevance to the black community and ethnic minority communities at large, with statistics indicating that ethnic minorities are the most in need of state benefits. It is tempting to vote with the mind-set that policies pledging the highest amount of welfare provision will naturally be the most advantageous policies for ethnic minority communities. However, my anecdotal experiences, alongside much prominent sociological theory, suggest that this may not necessarily be the case. Ross Davis dissects these nuances and complexities in this brilliant and important text on the British welfare state.

About Author

Ross is a corporate lawyer specialising in Debt Finance and Restructuring. He has worked in the office of David Lammy MP, focussing on law and policy, where in the wake of the 2011 Tottenham riots he became engaged in political activism. He has also been published on international economic law, specifically on World Trade Organisation (WTO) theory.