Centering Black Scholarship

Defending the Patriarchs of Black History

By Vistra Greenaway-Harvey

16th October 2017



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Black ScholarshipIn this insightful paper the author firmly rejects the assertion that Pan-Africanism is dead. Yes it is fair to say that some African leaders have not engendered solidarity on the continent. Likewise, the African Union may have departed from their founding fathers’ aims of unity. However Greenaway-Harvey argues against the ideas that draw us into referring to the political failings of continental leaders and the assertion that Pan-Africanism is now perceived to be “much more a cultural and social philosophy than the politically driven movement; to the evidence that it has always been so and indeed a very important process to undertake as Pan-African community leader.

About Author

Vistra Greenaway-Harvey is an academic copywriter and legal researcher. As well as African commentary, she drafts consultations and legal submissions for local councils and Fortune 500 companies.