Brexit and the Black Community

Four reasons to be optimistic about the leave vote

By Ross Davis

17th May 2017



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Since the Brexit vote there has been a rise in racial abuse suffered by members of the black community. The vote to leave the EU was synonymous with a vote against immigration. The wider issue here is that a Brexit debate  hijacked by xenophobes forced members of the black community to approach the subject of Brexit on a largely reactionary basis. While this is understandable, when approached purely as a matter of policy, Brexit could otherwise be viewed as an opportunity for the black community at large. In this paper we explore what those opportunities could be.



About Author

Ross is a corporate lawyer specialising in Debt Finance and Restructuring. He has worked in the office of David Lammy MP, focussing on law and policy, where in the wake of the 2011 Tottenham riots he became engaged in political activism. He has also been published on international economic law, specifically on World Trade Organisation (WTO) theory.