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African philosophy introduces students to the fundamentals of African worldviews. It provides students with an overview of the philosophical traditions, themes, and thinkers that have emerged from both the African continent and diaspora. It clarifies some of the ambiguities associated with the discipline as a field of study. In doing this, learners will be taken on a journey of understanding Africa’s rich and diverse intellectualism, its metaphysical ideas, ethical foundations, values, knowledge systems, challenges, and prospects of contemporary application.

Students will also engage with key texts from pre and post colonial African thinkers on issues such as metaphysics, personhood, feminism, epistemology, morality, and ethics. It highlights how Africans mastered the philosophy discipline and developed its intellectual tradition.

This course also draws insights from other disciplines such as sociology, political science, and cultural and development studies for students to observe the overlaps with African philosophical approaches in its application.


Dr. Elvis Imafidon

Dr. Kheftusa Akhiba Ankh

Dr. Elvis Imafidon

Dr. Motsamai Molefe

Dr. Elvis Imafidon

Dr. Elvis Imafidon

Course delivered with a mix of learning approaches that are designed to challenge students to self-reflect and construct solutions to real-life scenarios.

Aside from mandatory live lectures each week, students will be expected to participate in online discussions and peer learning. The course combines case study, group work and discussion where you will be expected to apply learning and guidance from your tutor.

Lectures and tutorials will be delivered via our online campus, along with with various methods from audio-visual materials, practical exercises, group discussions, guided reading, and conventional lecturing.

Assessment will be made via a combination of a course assignment, peer engagement quizzes, and tests.

Tuition for the course is £2660

Students can pay upfront at a discount or choose to pay in 4 instalments. Instalment payments are due prior to each module

The School of Pan African Thought Ltd is a member of the CPD Certification Service.

This course will be submitted for accreditation and certification with the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service and is therefore recognised as applicable to individuals who are members of, or are associated with, UK-based professional bodies.

Studying African Philosophy is an opportunity for students to challenge myths amd assumptions about Africa that are inherent in western thought.

A qualification in African Philosophy can provide you with the deep knowledge and understanding of Africa’s complex social, political and commercial landscape. It can boost career prospects in the fields of law, administration, business, teaching, research, media and journalism. This awareness, on what is the frontier market of the globe, as well as the analytical and problem solving tools are valuable to employers.

African philosophical studies can also combine with other disciplines or fields, and provides students with additional competitive advantages in the labour market. Students can use this qualification to enhance their career in the following fields of work:

● Local and central government
● Diplomacy
● Social work
● Charitable and voluntary orgs
● Public relations, journalism and communications
● Media and marketing
● Law and the justice system.
● Teaching and education
● Finance
● Public policy research
● Data analysts
● International Development
● Arts
● including international development

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