Professional Qualification in Pan Africanism

Embark on the eye opening intellectual journey of Pan Africanism, its Histories, Philosophies & Prospects. Guided by top-tier professors, not only will you gain invaluable insights on African development, but you will learn how to play a role in shaping its future.

8th April 2024
27 weeks
8-10 hours per week
Flexible payment
Online Course
What Makes this Course Unique

A qualification in Pan Africanism African Politics not only provides you with the knowledge and understanding of today’s socio-political landscape, but also a wide variety of transferable skills.

Students will examine the features and foundations of Pan African Thought, learning the histories, ideologies, and practice of individual and institutional actors. 

You should Enrol in this Course if you are:

Passionate about Political Pursuits from a Pan African Perspective

You're passionate about a career in a politics associated field.

Love Analysis on Political History

You want to acquire advanced knowledge of post-colonial political systems.

Interested in Policy Craftsmanship for Political Change

You want to learn how to draft and prescribe relevant, change making policies for Africa.

Work on Decolonising Political Structures

You're interested in decolonising structures of political oppression.

Meet Our Exceptional Teaching Team
You will be on this journey with an exceptional teaching team, leading social and political scientists, and historians from the continent and diaspora.
Dr. Daniel Mulugeta
Dr. Akinwälö E. dkötö
Dr. Mankutam
Dr. Courtney Carr
A Programme for the Future Leaders of Africa

Watch a playback of our open evening where we introduce you to your teaching team, and what a qualification in Pan Africanism can do for your career.  

Here is a link to download the brochure.

Membership of the
CPD Certification Service

The School of Pan African Thought Ltd is a member of the CPD Certification Service. This course will be submitted for accreditation and certification with the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service and is therefore recognised as applicable to individuals who are members of or are associated with UK based professional bodies.

Our students love learning
with us

Isha Soliman

Graduate • 2023

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing experience I had doing this course. My expectations for the caliber of professors and level of discussions have been blown away. It was truly life changing.”

Building the future
of an Africa for Africans

The School of Pan African Thought brings together world leading intellectuals and scholars to empower a new generation of leaders to address the challenge of African development. We focus is on developing the intellectual and human capital to build a better world for Africa and Africans.

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