In Pan African discourse the institution that is often forgotten most is the family, the single most important micro entity that aggregates to form our communities, societies, and nations. Strong families are the bedrock of every society. Failure to nurture them results in the types of disenfranchisements and sub-development we are all too familiar with, not only for that group or population (in this case African) but for the goal of unity and Pan Africanism in general. We all see and bear the human cost of family dysfunction, but we also fail to recognise that there is a domino effect – a cultural, economic, and political cost too. In that context reversing the destabilisation of African families in the American and European welfare states is one of the primary Pan African missions. It is a mission and notion that naturally revolves around culture, and African culture being a successful resistance to forced assimilation. That means challenging the inculcation of African children into white American and European hegemony, a life passion for our guest host and facilitator Tierney Sheree Peprah.

In this one off masterclass Tierney will present us with a roadmap and tools for confronting the assimilation question. Taken from her critically acclaimed book Fostering False Identity: The Child Welfare System’s Design of Social Control of the Black Family, she will journey attendees through her framework for resisting structural racism and developing the resilience to cultivate and maintain functional African families. The class will focus heavily on the racism of and in the child welfare system – stripping its functions and mechanics in order to reconstitute the African family.

In a mix of teaching, discussion, activities, and breakouts, this masterclass is designed to encourage, educate and edify families how to resist structural racism and become functioning pillars of community and Pan African progress.


Resisting Structural Racism

Masterclass for African Families

  • August 14, 2021
  • 4pm - 6pm
  • Online

    Via Zoom

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