Holding Space – Collective Trauma to Collective Action

Workshop + Book Signing
An approach to inclusion from African and Caribbean Indigenous Knowledge Systems


2:00pm - 6:30pm GMT



As the world has become more aware of patterns of inequity and inequality there has been a pursuit to correct structures of marginality and imbalances of power. From the streets to the halls of education, there is a call for something else, something more.

In Holding Space Aminata Cairo presents her own, unique vision in the promotion of inclusion that far surpasses the standard DEI approach. Her presentation utilises readings, song, and dance, and challenges the audience in taking a closer look at themselves and each other.

Through engaging in various activities, drawing from various art forms, Aminata facilitates people to truly start working towards collective change. She grounds her work in indigenous knowledge, the blues aesthetics, hip hop, plus Caribbean and black feminist theories. Concepts and stories that take you beyond inclusive education to create a new story, a collective story.

What does it really take to collectively create an environment of equality? Join Aminata on the 16th of March with the School of Pan African Thought to find out.

Event Speakers

Dr Aminata Cairo

Dr Aminata Cairo

Neter Maat,
Unit 7, The Link
49 Effra Road
Brixton, London

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