History of the World & African Intellectual Thought

Open Lecture


6:30pm - 8pm



A four-part open lecture series with Journalist and Author Jeff Pierce that is derived from his new book; The Gifts of Africa: How the Continent Changed Itself and Changed the World. A series that provides a comprehensive understanding of how Africa’s cultural and intellectual legacy is marginalised and buried. An expose of bad actors in academia, the aid sector, and policy institutions who push a neo-colonialist agenda.

Event Speakers

Jeff Pearce

Jeff Pearce

Lecture 1:
Introducing The Gifts of Africa. Africa's great civilizations and the pattern of knowledge production, development, and cultural momentum.

Lecture 2:
The "Frobenius Effect" - how Africa’s intellectual and cultural legacy gets marginalised, i.e Martin Bernal's work vs. Diop

Lecture 3:
Somalia's early democracy and Botswana's economic miracle. How the history vacuum impacts Western news coverage of Africa.

Lecture 4:
Incompetence and corruption on the part of Amnesty, HRW, and the UN. How international agencies and political actors push a neo-colonialist agenda.

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