Discourse on African Leadership 2

Post-Independent Nation-Building in Africa


6:30pm - 8pm



Each session will explore the development challenges that those post-colonial leaders and newly formed nation-states faced. Sessions include an in dept analysis of each country’s political and macroeconomic performance and audience engagement on the peace and prosperity prospects for that nation. Primarily, the series is designed to interrogate the various models of political leadership and economic development, and what that means for African unity. If you have a keen interest in political science, economics, or any other overlapping social science as it pertains to Africa, this series is for you. Free access for members has been sent to your inbox. Non-members welcome. Register via Eventbrite.

Event Speakers

Dr Omar Khan

Asari Sobukwe

Dr Omar Khan

Dr Omar Khan

Over the course of 6 lectures, Political commentator and organiser Asari Sobukwe examines' the history of post-independent nation building in Africa. Following a successful series in 2020, Asari returns to look at the political landscape of the following countries:

Libya - 18/05/2022
Angola - 25/05/2022
Tanzania – 01/06/2022
Mozambique – 15/06/2022
Namibia – 29/06/2022
Nigeria – 06/07/2022

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