Syncretised religions as the extension and expansion of African Spirituality

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The African Diaspora is known for its syncretised religions, religions that are mixtures, and conglomerations of multiple religions with the multipurpose goals of creating a system that affirmed one’s (spiritual) being in the world while holding onto an African cultural heritage.

Throughout the Diaspora, we see variations of syncretism based on location, degree of expressive freedom, and the combination of peoples and resources. These religions have been of interest in terms of study to look at cultural, spiritual, and psychological survival since the days of slavery, and can also be studied in terms of differences and similarities in artistic expression.

Rather than looking at these religions as a way perhaps to look back at Africa, we will explore a syncretized religion as the extension and expansion of African spiritual traditions.

Event Speakers

Dr Aminata Cairo

Dr Aminata Cairo

Join the School of Pan African Thought for this exclusive lecture at our new online campus. We are pleased to welcome brilliant scholar and teaching fellow Dr. Aminata Cairo to dissect these and other questions about the extensions of African spirituality in the African Diaspora.

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