Black Diasporic Identities in the UK

Panel Discussion
“Beyond a Single Narrative”


6pm - 8pm



The Centre for Pan-African Studies, in partnership with the School of Pan-African Thought, invites you to the first event of the series “Black Britain and Pan-Africanism: Unpacking the Experiences of Black People in Britain”.

The presence of Black populations in the UK has roots stretching back centuries. However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that a noticeable increase occurred, leading to the formation of significant Black communities across the country. These communities were primarily comprised of British ‘subjects’ originating from former colonies and members of the Commonwealth.

They were invited to aid in the post-World War II reconstruction efforts and to fulfil labour demands. Despite their status as invited British citizens, the Windrush generation faced pervasive racism, social marginalization, and systemic violence, necessitating resilience for survival. The recent Windrush scandal speaks to how little has changed since then.

Presently, the Black population in Britain encompasses communities stemming from the historical Black diaspora, mainly from the Caribbean and African Commonwealth nations, as well as more recent migrants who arrived from the 1980s onward, often as asylum seekers or economic migrants. This series aims to delve into and analyze the current realities of Black lives in Britain, recognizing the diverse array of experiences among different cohorts. Through the lens of Pan-Africanism, we want to examine points of tension and solidarities across the Black diaspora.

How do national or Pan-African identities and belonging shape those inter-group interactions? What does internalised anti-blackness look like at the grassroots level? Can a re-imagined Pan-Africanism have a role in strengthening existing solidarity and forging new ones? These are some of the questions we aim to answer through the series.

Event Speakers

Lester Holloway

Dr Aisha Phoenix 

Lester Holloway

Dr Toyin Agbetu

Lester Holloway

Dr. Mikal Woldu 

Lester Holloway

Kelechi Okafor

Lester Holloway

Lester Holloway

Black Diasporic Identities in the UK: Beyond a Single Narrative’ is the first event of the series, which seeks to unpack the diversity of experiences among the Black population in the UK. The panel discussion brings together academics, grassroots activists and social commentators, to answer the following questions: What is the state of Black lives in the UK? Who gets to speak on the ‘Black experience’ and who continues to remain at the margins? What are some of the current manifestations of Pan-Africanism and how can we leverage its legacy? Join us for what is going to be an engaging discussion on the current state of Black Lives in the UK.

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