featuring talks, panel discussions and breakouts with some of the most successful Pan African entrepreneurs and Business Leaders of our generation.

The African Business Conference is a forum where we connect the diaspora to knowledge and opportunities for business in Africa


When we consider the development and economic outlook of Africa, conversations around the role of its diaspora are often sidelined or marginal at best. There is also the common misconception that that relationship is solely benevolent and altruistic. When we look at Sub Saharan remittance data for 2019, $48billion dollars according to the Brookings Institute’s foresight Africa report, this is a narrative or association that is simple to make – but it’s a single or partial narrative. Africa has a burgeoning industrial and middle class, with some of the pre pandemics fastest growing economies in the world, and the biggest emerging and capital markets in the world. There is a growing class of entrepreneurial Africans of the diaspora who are redefining that relationship, understanding that 1. Africa is their birthright 2. Developed nations are not offering the sorts that ROI that tempts serious investors, and 3. Africa is a land of immense opportunity that offers a natural sociopolitical reconnection that was lost in forced migrations and colonisation.  When you add to that the post COVID landscape, Africa’s recovery outlook must include the diaspora front row and centre, and in turn, the diaspora must do more to build its knowledge and confidence to invest as opportunities arise.

Topics & Schedule:

Sat 21st Aug 2021

12:45PM – 1PM – Introductions

1pm – 1:30pm – The Pan African Fintech and Blockchain Ecosystem

Elaine Bannerman  – Pan African Tech Foundation 

1:30 – 2pm – The most pressing African Business Challenges

Joseph Roberts – African Professionals Group 

Panel Discussion

2pm – 2:45pm – Reverse Innovation in East Africa

Jesse Githua – Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Jordan Seke – University of Witswatersrand

2:45- 3:30pm – Keynote: What’s your legacy Distinction?

Onyi Anyado Global Leadership, Futurist and Corporate Trainer

Sat 22nd Aug 2021

12:45PM – 1PM – Introductions

1pm – 1:30pm – Businesses of the future: Africa’s agricultural industrialisation

Uzoma Ayogu – Releaf Africa 

1:30pm – 2pm  – An African Success Story – from Refugee to CEO

Myriam Taylor – Muxima, The Black Excellence Global Movement 

Panel Discussion

2pm – 2:45pm – Investing in Africa from the Diaspora

Kunle Aderemi – Africa Business Chamber of Commerce

Andrew Jason – British African Business Alliance

Patrick Ogunnowo – Africa UK Trade and Investment Enterprise

2:45- 3:30pm – Keynote: “Heed the Call, Africa Stand Up”

Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli – Social Entrepreneur, Sahel Consulting

African Business Conference

Connecting the diaspora to knowledge and opportunities for business in Africa

  • August 22, 2021
  • 12:45 - 3:30pm
  • Online

    via Zoom

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